martes, 1 de enero de 2013


I am glad this year 2012 has finished and will never come back. I know it has been an awful year for many people and though I've travelled a lot (Belgium, NY, Protugal, Cyprus...) I am hapily saying goodbye and hope we'll never meet again. Despite all this in the last days of December I always have time to fixed some moments and finish the year with a good taste. So two days ago I went to the hometown of my family, Lugo, and have the time to laugh and remember my childhood with my bro, cousins, aunties, godfather... How we used to run to what it was a long corridor at the age of five, our games in a subjetivly seen as a huge sitting-room. Our granparents home, a museum of vintage. 
You'll may want to see some pictures, but the right thing to do was inmortalizing those moments the old way, and so I did with my disposable camera. For that reason I have to finish the film and develop it. Oh, what I great feeling of that waiting and waiting to see the pictures. Love it. 
I started this blog in 2011, almost 2012. I remember a post talking about "chocolate con churros"; This new year is not different in that sense. First thing in the morning, tuesday 1st jan 2013, go with Choco to have a walk; then get dressed and have some chocolate with my parents and hubby. First thing in the list to do things done! But there are many others for this year: recover all the intentions for the academic year plus a surprise you hopefully soon will discover.
I've lunch with parents-in-law and see my lovely dog running around free and happy as ever in their field; so we decided to go for our first walk of the year to the mountain. What a great first day of the year.
Thank you to all my friends and family for this year. Love to celebrate New Years Eve with my family through Skype! chin chin and cheers to you all! We'll keep in touch*

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